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    "+ҽҩ"ʲô .ôӣܻҽҩҽƷ.֧˹ܸ .ʶ .ҽʿϵͳȽ迪չҽȷӦã̽ƹ"ǻҩ"ṩҩƬ .䷽ .ҩ .෽ .ҩƷ .ҩѯҩ·.
    "+ҽҩ"ҽ .] .ҽɫͽ]ϵȷ淢Ҫ.ҽ]ƹ߱ҽ] .ҽʱʶ .] .]Ԥ .ԲȹܵϢϵͳƶնʵҽ]ݵIJɼ . .Ӧúҽ].
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    ҽҩ]뻥ںϷչĿ2020.ҽҩ]뻥ںϷչ̨ںϷչģʽ㷺Ӧã2030.ҽҩΪָ .Ϊ .ִ]ҽҩ]ģʽγɲӿ췢չ.
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    ŷעӢĽ:According to the National Soft Drink Association, the industry produces 600 12-ounce cans of sugary drinks per person per year, most of it what they call the full-sugar variety, and supplies more than a quarter of what Americans drinkHe said that he would seek mandate from the people for shifting the usage of part of the revenue generated by a consumption tax hike that has been delayed until 2019 from paying debt to welfare policiesThe boy - a great fan of Chinese history who was able to give the names of more than 900 figures in the Chinese classic Romance of Three Kingdoms - was inspired and wanted very much to follow the suggestion
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